NaltrexZone We treat with great success - NaltrexZone We treat with great success

NaltrexZone We treat with great success - NaltrexZone We treat with great success

O specijalnoj bolnici za lecenje zavisnosti

We treat with great success:

Heroin addiction

In treating Heroin addiction we have implemented Rapid Introduction of Antagonist (RIA) also known as “Rapid Detox”( 2-3 days) as well as Naltrexone implants in order to create abrupt cessation of addiction. After the safe cessation a longer period of rehabilitation starts with psycho-social and family therapy.

Cocaine addiction

Causes serious depression and psycho social instability. Frequently, cocaine, due to extreme stimulant effect on the heart, can cause cardiogenic shock and death. We implicate Psychotherapy, Disulfiram, Naltrexone and symptomatic therapy.

Sedatives (Benzodiazepines – BZD)

Benzodiazepines (Xalol, Lorazepam, Xanax, Bromazepam, Lexilium..) are frequently overused or abused substances that can pass unnoticed or ignored. About 70% citizens of larger cities in the modern world use BZD of which many abuse them.

This addiction is very persistent and the withdrawal is manifested by anxiety and depression, the symptoms for which these medications have been prescribed in the first place. This vicious circle creates addiction deeper and more intense. Most frequently BZD addiction follows either Opiate or Alcohol addictions.


Alcohol has been known to humans for thousands of years. Despite long presence, many modern societies have problem with alcoholism.

Alcohol consumption can be described as:

-Occasional drinking

-Alcohol abuse


Some cultures completely ban utilization of alcohol.

Alcoholics need at least seven to ten days of hospital admission with close monitoring to prevent potentially lethal outcome of abrupt cessation. Despite all efforts, alcohol has taken many lives and continues to do so.

Food addiction

Obesity is a contemporary disease of modern society. With the introduction of computers in daily life many people spend hours on the computer without physical activity. Obese people become self-conscious and frustrated. Stress and frustration in many can create hunger and neurotic behavior. However, food has become available in fast-food shops everywhere can lead to compulsive- obsessive food consumption and never ending battle with extra weight and more frustration.

When treating this disorder we use not only appetite suppressants but primarily individual and group psychotherapy.

Internet addiction

In the recent times development of electronics overuse of computers became a modern disease. Today's world cannot be imagined without the use of computers. Especially within the younger people, time spent at the computer frequently exceeds 10-12 hours per day. They develop compulsive relationship with that source of information, communication and entertainment. At the same time many daily obligations get neglected. As with all other compulsive behaviors, psychotherapy is the cornerstone of treatment although naltrexone has proven very beneficial and superior therapy.

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