Naltrex zone About us - Naltrex zone About us

Naltrex zone About us - Naltrex zone About us

About Naltrexzone
Privacy, Professionalism, Results.


NaltrexZone Serbia is first privately owned and run clinic in Serbia for treatment of addiction disorders established in 2008 in Belgrade. The clinic is part of the NaltrexZone Addiction Treatment Centers founded by Dr. Lance Gooberman, inventor of administering NaltrexZone maintenance therapy. Dr. Gary Surak, founder and NaltrexZone Serbia director, is a Fellow of the Serbian Society of Addiction Medicine, an American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) member and a member of the International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM), first introduced to Serbia in 2008 a suite of unique programs that help people detoxify and stabilize from the effects of opiates (heroin, methadone, etc.), alcohol and benzodiazepines. During 25 years of practice in the United States, Dr. Surak has forged close relationships with medical specialists and institutions that specialize in treatment of alcoholism, disulfiram, opioid dependency, intoxication, drug abuse, subutex, buprenorphin, naltrexone, benzodiazepines, heroine detoxification, drug overdose etc. He has close professional relationship with Dr. George O'Neil, founder of the Fresh Start Recovery Program in Perth, Australia, inventor of the Long Term Sustained Release Naltrexone Pellet, and Washington University School of Medicine, Barnes Hospital Chemical dependency unit in St. Louis, Missouri.

NaltrexZone is part of a program that helps drug users and their families recover from drug dependence and develop a drug-free lifestyle. It is a successful form of pharmaco-therapy for patients with drug, alcohol and nicotine problems that reduces craving and helps patients remain abstinent. It works by blocking the effects of narcotics, especially the "high'' feeling that makes you want to use them. It also may block the "high'' feeling that may make you want to use alcohol. It will not produce any narcotic-like effects or cause mental or physical dependence. It will not prevent you from becoming impaired while drinking alcohol. Our mission is to help individuals who are not able to control their drug, nicotine or alcohol use and may continue using the drug despite the harm it causes and cannot do it on their own. Treatments are provided based on individual needs and with full respect regardless of race, gender, class, religion and sexual orientation. For more than two decades, the program has been favored by drug users because it treats serious, long-term consequences, including problems with physical and mental health, relationships and employment, helps addicts to overcome their addiction and stay drug, nicotine and alcohol-free rather than substitute one opiate (illegal-heroine) with another (legal-methadone, buprenorphine).

Facilities: NaltrexZone clinic is located in an accessible but peaceful and safe part of Belgrade. We guarantee privacy and provide full comfort to our patients. Accommodation facilities are equipped with two and four-bed rooms with the most advanced adjustable comfortable hospital beds. Rooms are air-conditioned and have cable TV and free Wi-Fi. We have special security measures to prevent possible drugs misuse on your premises. Our qualified staff is available 24 hours .

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